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the pea·nut gal·ler·y (th pnt gl-r)
A source for entertainment reviews spanning video games, literature, motion pictures, and television programs; updated often!

IS THIS LEGAL?: All contained reviews are property of Clint Blizzard, Kyle Blizzard, Jon Wieberg, and/or Joshua Stinson. If any written material contained within this site is plagiarized, we automatically obtain ownership to the subject's house, land, car, money, and self, and will divide it in whatever manner we see fit. We also reserve the right to sue the subject and throw his/her sorry butt in jail. Before you start whining, we claim absolutely no ownership to the Peanuts characters. They are the intellectual property and trademarks of United Feature Syndicate, Inc. We use them strictly as aliases and for the witty website name because Peanuts is so dang cool. Neither this website nor the owners of this website are in any way connected to the creators of any of the material reviewed (unless otherwise specified) or Peanuts characters. This website is purely for the creators' enjoyment. If you are offended or disturbed by any of the content of this website, we're not really sorry, because we meant for it to have all of the content it has, and it's probably not going to have anything offending or disturbing, so you need help if you ARE in some way disturbed or offended. *Runs*