Voluntaryist Philosophy Simplified

A friend of a friend on Facebook didn’t think I seriously thought that taxes were theft. To prevent retorts and going on bit-by-bit, I simplified the entire philosophy so there would be no confusion.

I wanted to save that post for posterity–and for reposting in case I need it in another conversation.

How is any government supposed to operate without taxes–that’s certainly the question. They can’t, because as soon as their funding is voluntary, they’re not a government, they’re a private service provider. Which would be GREAT! Then they’d actually have to provide quality services and wouldn’t be able to dig their tendrils into your property, your business, your earnings, your marriage… I could go on.

Taxes are collected by force, and therefore it is theft. I sure wouldn’t pay them voluntarily, but I fear the gun and the cage of the government, so I pay up. It’s extortion, basically a mafia racket, and government is at its core an immoral institution because it functions ENTIRELY on initiating force against you.

Either you were going to do things the way they want you to anyway, and government is unnecessary, or you weren’t, and they have to threaten you with kidnapping you and locking you in jail to get you to do things their way. If you were to defend yourself like you should against any kidnapper, they will kill you, so in essence, you are threatened with death if you don’t give up your money to this mafia.

The only time anybody should use force against another is in defense of property. (I use property in a very broad sense, including your life, body, and freedom as well as land, home, and belongings.)

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