Starcraft 2 Beta

To begin the story, back in October of 2009, I won a Starcraft 2 beta key through Blizzard’s “biggest Starcraft fan” contest on Twitter and I got into the beta right at its launch in February. My excitement was palpable.

I’ve played this game raw. I’ve bugged the heck out of all of my friends because I wouldn’t quit talking about it. To put it succinctly, I went full retard over Starcraft 2. I’m still not very good at it, but since I feel that if I mention Starcraft 2 to any of my friends one more time, no jury would find them guilty of murder, I turn to you, my blog, to talk about Starcraft 2.

I mostly play 2v2 because I’m not good and I want to be able to blame my teammate for my failures. Never openly, only privately. I’m not that big of a jerk. Anyway, currently, I’m in the silver league of ranked 2v2.

Tonight, the scene was set: 2v2 Lost Temple, Protoss & Protoss (my team) vs. Terran & Protoss.

I can’t remember what happened, really.

At one point, things were starting to look bad when both opponents marched into my natural with Marines and Marauders (M&M), Tanks, Stalkers, Zealots, Immortals… the works. I held them off briefly with some Colossi on the cliff, but the Tanks sieged and took out one of my Colossi, forcing me to back the other(s) off.

With the help of my teammate, we took care of the threat. I don’t remember how. I slipped a couple of Void Rays into the back of Protoss where he had neglected to set up Photon Cannons and took out his main Nexus without a fight, shortly after which myself and my teammate strolled into Terran’s natural and made it a smoldering wreck, followed by my three Colossi cliffwalking into the side of his main while the rest of our force walked in the choke. Waste was laid.

Somewhere along the line we wiped out both opponents’ mains, but it wasn’t over yet. Scouting around with Void Rays and Phoenixes, we found that Terran had moved to the southeast island, where he had set up like a gazillion Missile Turrets. Sending our handful of Void Rays in now would be suicide.

So we quick teched to Carriers and started pumping them out. This game went on about ten minutes longer than it should have because it’s really difficult to take on forty Missile Turrets.

He kept saying “lulz” and childish internetness like that while he was at it, while occasionally tossing Vikings out, which were quickly decimated by our Carriers. It took a while, but we punched a hole through with a combination of Motherships, Carriers, and Void Rays, while my ally slipped a Warp Prism in and started warping in Zealots and Stalkers.

But he still wouldn’t give up.

We focused our fire on his Command Center and he put all of his SCVs on it to repair, and apparently Carriers make Command Centers a priority over SCVs, so we had to focus each individual SCV before we could actually kill the Command Center. Only then did he finally say gg and leave, giving us our hard earned victory.

I’ve just realized that somewhere in here, I mixed up two different games. I played two 2v2 Lost Temple matches today, one of which I lost miserably, the other I won. So you really have no idea if you can believe me, now, do you? I’ll leave you with that.

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