Monster Heatsink from Hell

I was looking up CPUs the other day (still haven’t decided exactly what hardware I’ll be using for my upcoming computer build) and found this picture on a post from Tom’s Hardware:

Giant CPU Heatsink from Hell

It's too big, Gus! (Click for full size)

Apparently they had used this heatsink, a Scythe Mugen-2 Revision B, to overclock an Intel Core i3-530 to roughly 4.3 GHz from its out-of-box clock speed of 2.93 GHz. Calling that “pretty impressive” would be a considerable understatement.

Unfortunately for me, this seems to have given me the idea that I could back off from the Core i5-661 (3.33 GHz) that I was planning on buying, to the considerably cheaper Core i3-530… and overclock it. You’ll notice the ellipsis. That’s because I’ve never overclocked anything, and in fact, have been kind of an opponent of overclocking most of my life. However, the ease with which this Core i3 seems to be overclockable, as well as the fact that I’m planning on using the ASRock H55M Pro motherboard (chosen because it’s slightly less expensive than, as well as reviewed better than the closest equivalent Intel board, and the added benefit of a second PCI Express x16 slot) which apparently has excellent overclocking options from the BIOS, means the temptation to overclock is higher than I’ve ever felt before.

All I can say now, though, is… we’ll see.

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