Minimum Wage and You

Being a wage slave puts you in a position of zero power. People in poverty have very little opportunity to crawl out. You need money to make money, and even if you get a college degree, there still aren’t jobs available.

So when I see… people… (fighting the urge to use harsher language) laughing at minimum wage laborers demanding higher pay, I just want to sock them in the jaw. If you think everybody that works a minimum wage job is just too lazy to get something better, you aren’t paying attention to what’s actually happening in the world.

People don’t have options.

It would be great if workers could go on strike to show near-minimum wage employers like McDonald’s and Burger King that they, y’know, need their workers, but they can’t risk their jobs to make a statement because they’re already barely surviving WITH it–what will they do WITHOUT it?

Minimum wage employment is absolutely taking advantage of people–people who desperately need some money, who can’t afford to not have that job. These corporations are selling hamburgers for 99 cents and making billions in profits a year. You can’t tell me they can’t bump a hamburger up 50 cents and pay their workers–whom, let me remind you, they need for their business to operate–a decent wage.

Look… when the current CEO of McDonald’s took his position in 2013, he had a base salary of nearly a million dollars. When you add in stock options and other compensation, he comes out over thirteen million.

All to one man…

… who is standing over a company whose employees receive an estimated $1.2 billion in public assistance per year because their McDonald’s wages don’t make ends meet.

A lot of people would say “Public assistance?! I have to work my ass off for what I have and these punks just get free money!”
You really want to go down that road? Because if the perks of being poor make it so easy, why aren’t YOU doing it?

Does the stereotype of welfare recipients with iPhones and brand new cars and Gucci bags happen? Probably sometimes, but if you think it’s easy to just live comfortably off the government in poverty, you’re just ignorant. I tend to think this mostly exists as an excuse to ignore and hate poor people, because if you can just believe that their misfortune doesn’t actually exist and THEY should really pity YOU for having to work, then you don’t actually have to care about people.

So you think McDonald’s has no responsibility to make sure its employees can make ends meet? Why not? McDonald’s can’t exist without those people you deem worthless. Sure, anyone can make a sandwich. Sure, they’re not making executive business decisions… but they are the blood that keeps the business running. If you don’t have the laborers, all you have are a bunch of brains pushing dwindling numbers around. Unfortunately, with the imbalance of wealth as it is, people are desperate to keep their heads above water, and that places the power in the employers’ hands. What do they do with it?

Rip you off. Because they know there’s nothing you can do about it.

One thought on “Minimum Wage and You

  1. I whole heartedly agree with this blog. The employers hold the power over their employees, and yea people have problems making ends meet even with wages upwards of $10. But for jobs that normally pay more than 8-9 dollars an hour, you are having to live in an area that forces your rent/mortgage through the roof. A $400 home could be upwards of $650-700 depending on the area. Lets not even get started on utilities and basic necessities in this modern age, you are looking at upwards of $1500 just in a few weeks, upwards of $2000+ in a full month. Now if you have someone making $10 an hour (just under $3 above minimum wages) before taxes, they would have $1600 at the end of the month. That leaves MAYBE $100 dollars for groceries, and if you are a single parent, that isn’t anywhere near enough. Those people who have government support, i say that they are lucky yes. With how many hoops you have to jump through and all the protocols to get government assistance, you were persistent enough even though you knew in the back of your mind you could be declined.

    The location you live, the transit to your job, and groceries all accompany your usual bills and unexpected problems. In this day and age, getting on your feet is one of the hardest things to do because big corporations who know you need the money cut you off at the knee. As stated before, when the price of living becomes higher than what you make on good weeks, whats the point? You work and work and work just to dig yourself into a deeper hole.

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