Wilderness Tactical Frequent Flyer Gun Belt

After shopping around for a holster for a while, I eventually narrowed my decision down to either the Crossbreed SuperTuck or the Comp-Tac MTAC, both hybrid IWB holsters with a leather backing and a Kydex holster body. Ultimately, the MTAC’s higher level of finish as well as modularity won out, despite a higher price tag. So I ordered it and a Wilderness Tactical Frequent Flyer belt (1.5″, 5-stitch version) to carry it on.

I mostly chose the Frequent Flyer over the more popular Original Instructor Belt because I won’t be attaching any emergency lines to my belt any time soon, it’s cheaper by about six bucks (nine if you go for the 1.25″ version), and I liked the look of the rings better than the Instructor buckle.

Why did I need a new belt? Because people on gun forums told me so, that’s why! The added stiffness of a “gun belt” supposedly helps a lot when carrying for an extended period of time. I received the belt today and wore my Glock around the house for a while, and I might have noticed a bit of difference, but it wasn’t exactly life-altering. It did make a difference when I tried on my brother’s USP in his paddle holster and was able to cinch the belt down on it to the perfect tightness. With a standard belt buckle, I would have needed a hole in between to get it to exactly the right tightness, but with the Wilderness belt I was able to adjust it down to where it took off a lot of that lopsided feeling without squeezing my guts in. The Glock in the Don Hume IWB holster didn’t seem much different, but I also don’t care for the holster that much, so we’ll see what happens when I try a new holster on my old and new belts.

Unfortunately, my Comp-Tac is still in the production phase. They advertised an 8-day production time when I ordered (though it’s down to 7 now) and it’s been 5 business days since I ordered, so hopefully it’ll ship by the end of the week. I intend to post a review and my further thoughts on the belt when I get the new holster in my hands.

Update: Their advertised production time is down to 6 days now. Today is day 6 for me and still no word. Dang!

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