Dire Straits

Kyle was playing through the entirety of Dire Straits’ self-titled debut album for the wild guess of about the 1,663rd time in his life, so I decided to look for a live video of the song “Lions” on YouTube. I was waiting for the album version to finish playing before I watched it, so I scrolled down to the comments, which is usually a terrible idea on YouTube.

However, my heart lifted when I saw comments like these:

Its on their album ‘Dire Straits’. You can get it off Amazon. This is one album I’ve bought from cassette, vinyl, CD then DVD-A. It’s a brilliant album.
This album in my opinion has been the best rock album ever produced. It was also the first album i bought on cd to replace my worn out vinyl.
One of the coolest songs on one of the coolest albums of all time. For my money, the original line-up was the best.

It makes me happy whenever I see anybody showing appreciation for my favorite band of all time. Everybody knows Money for Nothing or Sultans of Swing, but it seems rare to see an actual Dire Straits fan.

It’s obvious those who posted the comments are old fogeys judging by their mention of vinyl, but hey… fans are fans.

Here’s the video: an early career performance of “Lions”.

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