Choosing An IWB Holster

Lately, I’ve been looking at carry options for my Glock 19. I currently have a Don Hume leather clip-on IWB holster, the model of which I don’t know; I bought it at a gun show because it looked decent and the price was right, without knowing a thing about Don Hume beforehand.

The Don Hume holster works enough for the two locations at which I can and do carry, but it leaves quite a bit to be desired. The small clip will allow the gun to cant whichever way physics wants it to, particularly since the weight of the gun tugs at and bends my jeans waistband.

As of yesterday, I went on the market for a new holster. I had started hearing a lot about Raven Concealment Systems recently, particularly because ARFCOM Hero Chris Costa and His Manly Beard rock the Raven Phantom (with special Magpul Dynamics cut!) as their holster of choice. And certainly, it looks like a fantastic option. The modular design allows OWB, IWB, overhooks, underhooks, soft hooks, and tuckable mounting options, all with a single holster.

And who wouldn’t be impressed by customer service like this or OWB carry this close to the body?

However, I’ve also only just discovered that there’s a wait on just about any good holster. Raven is currently advertising 60 day lead times; I guess that’s what happens when ARFCOM Hero Chris Costa and His Manly Beard are Raven’s proponents. Another current trend, the Crossbreed SuperTuck, is apparently still ringing in under three weeks, while long time IWB staple Milt-Sparks only takes a limited number of orders each month, and Comp-Tac advertises an 8 day production time.

The worst part about it all is I’m a six foot tall beanpole trying to wear a Glock 19. There’s no way to know what will work for me, having what seems a rather uncommon body type, without just trying it; and each of these holsters runs in the vicinity of $70.

On the bright side, I’ve still got about a year and a half to find the right one.

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